2012Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club Spring Schwingfest

Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club Spring Schwingfest
Swiss Park, Newark  
June 2, 2012

The Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club conducted their Spring Schwingfest under beautiful clear blue sky. Attendees enjoyed the beautiful decorated Park, Swiss music throughout the day, a delicious choice of Bratwurst or Schueblig Luncheon and a barbeque chicken dinner after the wrestling.

Frank Kaech and Andrew Betschart were called up for the announced seven-minute Schlussgang, which remained a tie as many of the matches throughout the day.
The judges for the day included Urs Gwerder, Don Widmer, Teddy Betschart, Connie Grass and Walter Haslemann.

The crown girls for night were in order:
Seniors: Jessica Towner, Kaylie Nicole, Chloe Lienert and Christina Bruce.
Juniors: Mary Lou Haslemann;
Group A 10-11 year olds: Jeanine Gwerder, Margaret Ann Marchy and Christina Bruce.

Frank Kaech was awarded the 1st place woodcarving donated by Walter Haslemann depicting the Swiss Park hall and a Schwinger pair. Paul Leimgruber was designated the Schoenschwinger and received a knife donated by Kurt Clausen. Matt Ming and Matthew Schonenberger were awarded a drawing made by John Ming. Clint Schallberger was awarded a door hanger donated by Joan Kessler.
All the medals were donated by Kurt & Linda Clausen. A most sincere thank you to the many for their monetary donation.
A special thank you all of our faithful volunteers who make these events possible and to all of our spectators who come from far and near to encourage the Schwingers. There were several visitors from Switzerland who arrived just in time to take in our Schwingfest.

1. Frank Kaech Ripon, CA 56.50
2. Zack Schallberger Stockton, CA 56.00
3a. Logan Schallberger Stockton, CA 55.75
3b. Dustin Gwerder Truckee, CA 55.75
4. Andrew Betschart Modesto, CA 55.50
Above with medals
5a. Jakob Schallberger Stockton, CA 54.75
5b. Morgan Lujan Elk Grove, CA 54.75
5c. Steven Widmer Ripon, CA 54.75
6. Paul Leimgruber Holtville, CA 54.50
7. Zane Schallberger Stockton, CA 54.25
8. Mike Berchtold French Camp, CA 54.00
9. Dominick Reichmuth Newark, CA 53.25
Matt Ming  Elk Grove, CA Unfall


1. Clint Schallberger Stockton, CA 58.75
Above with medal
2. Lucas Widmer Ripon, CA 54.00
3. Matthew Gallego Escalon, CA 53.00

Group A- 10 – 11 Year Olds

1. Matthew Schonenberger San Ramon 59.00
2. Cole Marchy Ceres, CA 56.25
3. Sam Hummel San Ramon, CA 56.00
Above with medals
4. Billy Marchy Ceres, CA 54.00
5. Kyle Henry Sacramento, CA 53.00


1. Andrew Betschart Modesto 13’2”
2. Grant Widmer Lathrop 12’10”
3. Urs Gwerder Truckee 11’11”